Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Essential Christian Doctrine

I have often heard leaders of the Christian world talk about the "essential doctrines", and how the church cannot be divided on these matters. It is okay to have "in-house" debates about such matters as baptism, and sacraments, but amongst those professing to be Christian, they must accept the essentials. These essentials include the trinity, sola scriptura, etc..

I thought I would share over the next several days what a prophet of God has to say about the essential doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Most foundational to an understanding of the doctrines of the Church is an understanding of the Godhead. "We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost." (Articles of Faith: 1)

Joseph Smith taught that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate, distinct individuals, each having obtained the title "God" through the personal perfection. The Father is literally the father of our spirits, defining the relationship we have with Him as Father and children. It is to Him that we give our total allegiance and devotion. The Son, Jesus Christ, is His firstborn in the spirit, and His only begotten here on earth. He is our eldest brother, and having perfected himself in the spirit world, took his place as the one who, at the direction of the Father, created heaven and earth, and all that in them are. The Holy Ghost is likewise our brother, and has been given the very specific responsibility of communicating the Father's will to His children here on earth.

Understanding the true nature of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is absolutely essential if we are to then understand the doctrines and principles they have given us for our sojourn here on earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly; I know that you will be comforted and strenghtened by what I am about to tell you. The term "God" does not refer to an office, position, place of merit, authority or responsibility. There is only one Being that can be described as God. He is unique, solitary, without beginning or end.
From Him all things were created, matter, space, the ether, good, evil. His name means literally "I created all things but I was not created". He has no name because He doesn't need one. There are various verbal devices to describe him but they are not names. On the other hand, god, or gods, require names to distinguish them from one another. The Mormon god is called in that faith by the name of Elohim, which means simply lord, or god with a little g. The little gods, Baal, Zeus, Mercury, Molech, Elohim, etc. are not worthy of the appelation "God" and
are therefore not worthy of being reverred and worshipped by any person claiming to be a Christian for the the simple reason that Christ himself, a Jew, could never have given the slightest amount of credence to a god who was once a man. Jesus was very familiar with man gods, filled with passions, hate, envy, anger, having sex with one another, with animals, with humans, furthuring their various interests with temporary capricious human alliances.

When you address your prayers to the true God of the Universe, He will speak to you and you will consign "Elohim" to the scrap heap where he belongs, along with all the other reprobate imposters who
have raped Man's spirituality since time began.

Lots of Mormons have abandoned the anthropomorphic god and quietly embraced their real Father in Heaven. Let Him take his rightful place in your heart and the hearts of all Mormons.
I humbly pray for this to happen in your life.


David Taylor

10:21 PM  
Blogger Kelly Knight said...


Interesting post. I am curious as to your scriptural support for the assertions you have made. If you would be so kind as to go back through and footnote each of the statments you have made so I know where to turn to, it will be greatly appreciated.

I always prefer to go to the source, and your assistance in this matter will help.


7:22 PM  
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