Sunday, November 07, 2004

Welcome... MyLatter-DayblogSpot!

There is much to be said about the LDS Church, it's doctrines, principles, the Standard Works, the works of the Church, and the works and service of it's members around the world. Some of what you read here will be my musings on the weekly Gospel Doctrine lessons (I teach the Young Adult GD class in my ward); some will be on the events I participate in; some will be on service activities I see locally or hear about from around the globe.

My primary intent is to demonstrate to the world that "by [our] fruits" you may know that the LDS Church epitomizes the goodness of Christ.

Kelly Knight


Blogger Sharon Iezzi said...

Hello Kelly:

I hope your blog gets lots of use. What a great idea!

To help spread the word (and get your blog page found quickly by the search engines), I've posted a link to your blog page in the LDS Websites directory at My Favorite Ezines. Go here to take a look: scroll down the page until you find the listing for "Kelly Knight's LDS Blog."

Wishing You and Yours All Success.

Your Sister in Christ,
Sharon Iezzi

2:06 PM  
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