Sunday, January 23, 2005


The other day in priesthood meeting, we were discussing the power of blessings, and the right way to administer them. Although I will be the first to admit that not every blessing I offer comes to pass, there are many times that I have absolutely felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and knew that I was nothing more than a conduit for the Lord.

During this conversation, we talked about the fact that not every blessing goes the way the mouthpiece might have spoken, and one of the stake leaders raised his hand and made the comment "that is why it is important to say 'if it be the will of the Lord' in every blessing. The group readily agreed except, of course, me. I didn't say anything, but I certainly thought it.

If we are the conduit of the Spirit, and we are in tune with the Spirit, and the words we utter are directed by the Spirit, is it not the will of the Lord? And if it is the will of the Lord, do we really need to say "if it be the will of the Lord"? We will know that it is, and those words would do two things: First, be superfluousl; and Second, introduce doubt as to one's own ability to hear the Spirit and act for and in behalf of the Savior as we have been called and set apart to do.

Personally, I rarely have ever said "if it be the will of the Lord", but would love to hear some of the anecdotal (sp?) results of others experiences in giving and receiving blessings.


Blogger Jordan said...

Last weekend, my wife and children got very ill with a very aggressive stomach bug. We were particularly worried about our 20 month old baby girl. There was a feeling of fear in the house- we simply did not know what we should do. Everything seemed bleak and dismal.

We called a priesthood holder who lives nearby to help me administer to my wife and the girls. As we prayed to invite the Spirit, and then gave blessings, the stifling fear and worry were replaced by feelings of peaceful reassurance. The girls slept through the night and felt much better the next morning. We were very grateful to have the priesthood in our home- and to feel the peaceful reassurance of the Lord that things would be OK.

Sometimes I feel at a loss when I give a priesthood blessing, but when I so speak in the Lord's name, I have faith that my words will be validated, because I am always very careful, whether I strongly feel the spirit or not, to not say anything I don't think the Lord would approve of.

Always when I receive a priesthood blessing for any reason, no matter how doubtful I felt beforehand, I feel touched by heaven.

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Blogger Chris Young said...

My sense is that "if it be the will of the Lord" is appropriate for prayer requests. But, during a blessing it's my understanding that a priesthood holder may speak on behalf of The Lord. I've had a few blessings which changed voice to God the Father, even to the point of closing the blessing "in the name of mine own beloved son".

So, it seems a bit unnecessary to say "if it be..." when the Spirit prompts that it IS.

One man's thoughts, for what good.

I've had a blessing or two not come true -- I was promised that I'd met my eternal companion. But, she went a different direction and a later blessing told me that she had other ideas.

We do have our agency.

Christopher Young

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