Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mixing religion and politics...

This article in the Salt Lake Tribune discusses the mixing of religion and politics, and whether or not the LDS Church wields an unreasonably big stick when it comes to matters of morality and legislation.

Personally, I believe that politicians who happen to be members of the LDS Church act in such a manner as to conform to their personally life style, and when they vote on any particular issue, it is based on what they hold as personal moral convictions. It may be true that those convictions mirror the teachings they have learned at Church, but is this any different than a politician who has learned a particular conviction at say, the university, and then carries that conviction into his or her political leanings? Of course not. Yet, there are those who will be quick to call foul and seek a separation of Church and state, but completely ignore the opposite. Many will call for a complete withdrawal of any religious leaning in government, allowing for a more one-sided view, that of secular humanism.

Does religion, and religious conviction on the part of politicians have place in government?


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